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What’s In a Name? The Name Game, Of Course.

One of the best namers and name consultants in the world is Nancy Friedman. You can see her corporate page at WordWorking.

She’s also a mentor and good friend of mine.

She writes a great blog about names and naming called Fritinancy.  A little while back, I mentioned to her how so many of the articles in the press or on the web about naming seem to have a familiar-sounding, er, name.  So, I thought I’d do a review.

First, though, let’s get in the mood with Shirley Ellis and a great naming jam:
Journalists and blog writers - if you are assigned to write a story about the naming business or any of the ramifications of a name as used in the modern business world, you might have to think real hard to find a fresh angle to write about.

But one thing you won’t have to worry about is the name for your article - the headline. 

That’s because, ever since the inception of the specialty, only one name is allowed for any story about naming.  Check it out:,9171,1910897,00.html


Oh, wait, I forgot, there is one other name you’re allowed to use.  If you clicked on many of those links above, you probably know what it is already, since so many of those stories opened with the other acceptable name for a story about naming:


  -  and most adorably (and shaggily) {I’ve since gotten a haircut!},  

And I could go on and on and on and on. 

So, if you want to write a story about naming, call Nancy, call me, heck, you can even call David Placek

But you don’t have to worry about writing the headline. 


Oh, and if you would like to call me, either for an interview or to engage me to come up with hundreds of great name ideas for your new product or company, please check out my online resume at